Apine: for the development of electric power production in Brazil


The Brazilian Association of Independent Power Producers - Apine operates since 1995 in the promotion of sustainable development in the Brazilian electric sector, particularly in the context of generation. It is a nonprofit entity class that congregates independent power producers and companies interested in the activity.


Apine brings together small, medium and large private electricity generators and generation concessionaires that build, operate and maintain power plants in Brazil and in the world, besides companies such as consulting engineering service providers, coal mining companies, law firms, construction companies and manufacturers. Members of Apine produce electricity through various energy sources such as hydro, thermal (either gas, coal or oil), biomass, wind and solar.


The association aims at promoting the union among companies interested in the independent production, defending their rights and interests before public powers and national and international institutions, besides cooperating with them, acting as a technical and consulting agency in the study and solution of matters related to the activities carried out by its associates.






As a representative entity of independent producers, Apine interacts with executive and legislative powers, with bodies involved with the Brazilian electric sector (Ministry of Mines and Energy - MME, Aneel, ONS, CCEE, EPE, ANP etc.) and others of influence (environment, hydraulic management), with the media and sister associations. Whenever necessary, it also operates internationally.


Also, when required, Apine elaborates studies and technical reports on relevant topics to the sector, with the participation of experts from associate companies and/or hired consulting firms.




The Brazilian Law no. 9.074/1995 defines the independent power producer (produtor independente de energia elétrica - PIE) as the legal entity — or companies working in a consortium — to which the Granting Authority grants concession or authorization to produce electric power to be partially or entirely commercialized, at their own risk.


The independent production allows the entry of new investors with autonomy to carry out bilateral contracts for the purchase and sale of energy, competitively and with flexibility to consolidate their strategies.


Among the members of Apine there are also generating companies administered by the government. These are companies that, due to market demands, have equity interest in private ventures. Their connection with Apine enables the defense of their interests besides building up the Association's critical mass and increasing its representativeness in the sector.




Apine brings together around 60 associates and keeps growing. The associates represent the experience of more than 360,000 MW of installed capacity in the world, equivalent to about 3 times that of Brazil. Here, in turn, are more than 59,000 MW, which corresponds to approximately 44% of the installed capacity in the country.